why did kami die when piccolo died

By working together with Kami and Nail, Piccolo is able to take down Xeno Slug's henchmen Xeno Angila, Xeno Wings, and Xeno Medamatcha with a little assistance from Kagyu as well. Kami was sent away from the cataclysm that destroyed namek by his parents. Goku later frees Kami by tricking Piccolo into growing huge so he could go inside his mouth and retrieve Kami, and eventually defeats Piccolo Jr. Goku shows him mercy because Kami would die as well were he to kill him. Kami's respect for Goku was great enough for Kami to see him as a potential successor and even offered him the position of Guardian of Earth after the 23rd World Tournament, even suggesting that Goku and his soon-to-be wife Chi-Chi could live together on the Lookout, though Goku ultimately refused, to Kami's utter shock. Of course, Piccolo and Kami used to be one, so if Kami didn't know he was a Namek, Piccolo wouldn't know either, and he didn't. Kami apparently permits her to land due to her role in his revival and her family's kindness and hospitality towards his fellow Namekians following Namek's destruction before they relocated to New Namek. King Piccolo also seeks the Dragon Balls to restore his youth before taking over the world again. Great Saiyaman 3 notes Xeno Slug is massive and suspects it is Salsa's doing. In Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors, it is suggested in a What-if scenario that the Nameless Namekian's full potential can only truly be restored if Piccolo (fused with Kami) also fuses with a revived King Piccolo (as Piccolo is only King Piccolo's son/reincarnation and not the original) which grants him power enough to hold his own against Super Buu. While he doesn’t die as often as some supporting players, the series does use his death for drama often enough across the entire franchise. Piccolo also had the advantage of remaining in his physical prime once he reached adolescence due to inheriting his father's Eternal Youth acquired from Shenron which gave him an advantage over the elderly Kami. Xeno Angila notes they are tougher than they look and Xeno Wings suggests they hightail it and regroup. Both forms are playable though since he has no official cards in World Mission, the player must create cards for said forms through Card Creation. Goku dies a few times over the course of the original series, but GT, Super, and Online have all featured brand new deaths for the Monkey King. Kami informs Gohan that Vegeta is in Gizard Wasteland. Upon seeing Kami, Goku mistakes him for King Piccolo and charges at him, but Kami merely flicks him away. best. Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Piccolo assumes he's the one called Slug given his appearance and evil nature. Five years later, Kami continues to watch over the Earth, and it appears Goku and Piccolo clashing once again is inevitable. When King Piccolo first appears, he is designed to appear as a strange-looking divine creature, like a goblin. Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone This is about the continuing struggle for power between the forces of good and evil...and the danger that looms over us now poses a greater threat than anything we have faced in the past." He wears dark blue shoes as well. They use to be the same person, but they eventually split when the evil in the original Namekian grew and eventually split off into Demon King Piccolo. Appears in In order to participate in the World Tournament without being recognized, Kami takes over the body of a man named Hero (Shen in the original version). The new Piccolo would go on to fight Cell, but never manages to kill him through various complicated events. On his robe he has a red colored kanji that means "God". He later created the Dragon Balls to give the people of Earth hope and encourage acts of bravery after King Piccolo's reign, though he later regrets it until he met the pure hearted Goku. Piccolo calls Salsa a snarky robed runt and notes he was only playing with them. Thus, the Namekian split himself into being, while simultaneously expelling the darkness within him. It is later revealed King Piccolo seeks to destroy all existing martial artists to prevent any challengers from learning the Evil Containment Wave that trapped him. Characteristics Archived [DBZ] Why didn't Kami die when King Piccolo died? Nail notes how ruthless Xeno Slug is to put down his own man without a second thought. Study the details and complete the medical examiner’s report that follows. However the stickers are Giga rarity and only become available for purchase from the Creation Shop in Hero Town after starting Character 3, Sub Chapter 1: "Great Saiyaman 4". Kami observes Piccolo's training of Gohan and comments on his change of character. Kami reveals to Goku that Garlic Jr. is the son of Garlic, whom Kami competed against for the position of Guardian. Piccolo Jr.'s outfit when he w… During the Imperfect Cell Saga, Piccolo sought to fuse with Kami to reclaim the power of the Nameless Namekian which was desperately needed to combat the Red Ribbon Androids. Students Main articles: Raditz Saga and Vegeta Saga, Kami and Goku in King Yemma's office early in Dragon Ball Z. The four Namekians are soon confronted by Xeno Lord Slug who is unhappy that his underlings ran back to him with their tails between their legs after a crushing defeat. Despite the fission, Kami retained the Nameless Namekian's memories save for his early life on Namek due to the Nameless Namekian having lost his memory of that period of his life, though he remembered his original self's early life on Earth. Piccolo and Kami used to be the same person. He then informs Goku he must train under him for three years in order to defeat Piccolo Jr. who would be seeking to challenge him at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. 250 cm (8'2") "Prime"223 cm (7'4") "Old" He died sacrificing himself to save Gohan. However once the anomaly is fixed, Kami and Nail are able to re-merge with Piccolo. Three years later, Goku arrives at the tournament and Kami enters as well, but inside the body of Hero, after realizing Piccolo Jr. is stronger than King Piccolo was. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskScienceFiction community. He is implied to be weaker than Piccolo by this point as Piccolo had been training to defeat Goku and was able to hold his own against Super Garlic Junior, though Piccolo had the advantage of being in his physical prime. The fusion restored the Nameless Namekians power allowing him to hold his own during his first battle against Imperfect Cell and Piccolo benefited from Kami's wisdom which allowed him to trick Cell into revealing his origins. Perspective. Katas (parent)Piccolo (evil counterpart's child)Mutated Namekians (evil counterpart's children)Piano (evil counterpart's child)Tambourine (evil counterpart's child)Cymbal (evil counterpart's child)Drum (evil counterpart's child)Shenron (creation)Dende (successor) cell has piccolo cells but was able to regenerate from just having 1 of his cells survive. From birth, Piccolo walked a different path than his father did, and by the time Goku defeated him at the 23rd Budokai, it was clear to everyone - but particularly Goku, Piccolo and Kami-sama, that this was not simply "Piccolo Dai-mao reborn." I think I mentioned this last update. Kami first appears at The Lookout weakened by the attack on Piccolo by Garlic Jr. and his henchmen, though still alive. After Garlic Jr.'s defeat, Krillin ask Kami what happened to him and Kami explains he fell into the Dead Zone he had created and will live their for the rest of eternity, noting that Garlic Jr. will likely regret wishing for eternal life. What was left was what we know as Kami. After splitting into Kami and Piccolo, the Black Star Dragon Balls became inert though they remained inside the Lookout. Son Gohan 13:38, 30 May 2008 (UTC) Piccolo's size and strength. Nail says he stands by the decision he made on Namek and that his power is Piccolo's to wield. Nail goes on to explain that when Namek was on the brink of destruction during the cataclysmic weather event, there was a single Namekian infant sent off-world like the Nameless Namekian (though he was slightly older when he was sent to Earth). He wears a white robe with a blue collar. save. He also stated that Garlic's final words were that he would have his revenge in 300 years, though Kami himself never suspected that Garlic would entrust his revenge to his son. Dark Giant Xeno Slug calls Kami, Kagyu, Nail, and Piccolo insignificant microbes compared to himself and tells him to perish. When he first appears in per… In Kakarot, Kami appears during the Saiyan Saga after Goku sacrifices his life to kill his brother Raditz and like the main series, takes his body so Goku can train while dead and asks King Yemma to allow Goku to travel down Snake Way. During the Piccolo Jr. Saga, Kami (while possessing Hero) asserted that King Piccolo had always been his weaker half (indicating Kami inherited most of the Nameless Namekian's power which makes sense as Kami inherited his Dragon Clan ability to create Dragon Balls and memories as well) and believed the same of Piccolo Jr. until he used Evil Containment Wave Reflection to reflect Kami's Evil Containment Wave back at him showing that Piccolo Jr. had surpassed his father by learning how to counter the one technique King Piccolo feared. kami and piccolo are the same. Kagyu asks Piccolo if he has a minute as he has something to say. Dragon ClanDragon TeamDBH Team (allies)[3] Piccolo doesn't know how strong Slug is and frankly doesn't care, because unlike his previous battle he's back in the zone indicating he has recovered from the negative effects of his fusion coming undone. In Dragon Ball GT, it is revealed that at some point before splitting into Kami and King Piccolo, the Nameless Namekian created the Black Star Dragon Balls however due to their dangerous side effect that would occur if they were used, they were locked away inside the Lookout. Kami and Master Roshi have several similarities: both taught Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha, and they both give their students clothing (Master Roshi gave his students the turtle outfit; Kami gave weighted clothes). ), published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on February 9, 1988, as the reincarnation of the evil Piccolo Daimaō, who was positioned as a demonic antagonist of the series. Through their teamwork and the assistance of Kagyu they are able to overcome Dark Giant Xeno Slug despite interference from Demon God Salsa who is suggested to be responsible of the anomaly undoing the fusion. Yajirobe however has no intention of fighting Piccolo and makes up an excuse to avoid fighting Piccolo when he mistakenly assumes Yajirobe came to Blake Bog to fight him after completing his training under Kami. Garlic Jr. dodges the laser beam and headbutts Kami in the chest before blasting him away with a Ki Blast. However eventually it came to light that the infant was a rare specimen among their kind, a Namekian born with a heart of evil and that he believes Slug was his name. Democracy Dies in Darkness. Kami of the Previous Generation Unnamed fusion of Piccolo and Dr. Mashirito, https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Kami?oldid=1937868, The name Kami or Kami-sama, meaning "god" in Japanese, refers to his position rather than his original name. However Kami recovers and blasts him away with an Explosive Wave. After explaining his origins, Kami, as a reward to Goku for defeating Piccolo, revives Shenron so that all the innocents killed by Piccolo and his sons can be removed from limbo and brought back to life. Here what she's been up to and what she looks like now. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Kagyu says he can't thank Kami, Nail, and Piccolo enough for their help. Great Saiyaman 3 says it should not be possible for a Namekian Fusion to come undone like that at least under normal circumstances, anyways and notes it must be some anomaly for something like that to occur. Kami manages to grab onto a pillar though it is later destroyed as an enraged Gohan struggles with Super Garlic Jr.. Kami, Goku, and Piccolo are saved by Gohan knocking Garlic Jr. into the Dead Zone. Kagyu asks if there is something wrong, though Kami says that are merging once again. creativeme 7 months ago #1. piccolo was able to restore himself as long as his head was intact. Posts: 9,750 iTrader: 0. The Lookout Press J to jump to the feed. While living on Earth, the Nameless Namekian's heart became tainted by witnessing the evil deeds of humanity causing his heart to become impure preventing him from acquiring the position of Guardian, forcing him to meditate to expel the evil within himself, inadvertently splitting himself in two unleashing the Demonic Namekian King Piccolo, the embodiment of his evil side, while the embodiment of his good side became Kami who achieved the position of Guardian due to his pure heart, though was unable to stop King Piccolo's reign of terror due to Life Link between the two which would later be inherited by King Piccolo's reincarnation, Piccolo which allowed Kami to survive King Piccolo's death at the hands of Goku. Kami cannot use all of his power in this form, though he was still strong enough to face Piccolo Jr. who was wearing his weighted clothes. The fight is interrupted by Garlic Jr. who survives due to his immortality and attempts to imprison all his enemies by opening the Dead Zone via a technique developed by his father Garlic. Despite having a legitimate care for the Earth, he began to think all humans were selfish and distrustful as he watched humanity grow and rebuild after the King Piccolo wars, until he meets Goku, which renews his faith in humanity (despite Kami somehow knowing that Goku is not from Earth, though it may have been Goku's love for his friends that changed Kami's mind, of course he may have also been inspired by the actions of other Earthlings such as Mutaito, Roshi, and Goku's friends). Fortunately, the de-fusion comes with a side effect that mentally links Kami, Nail, and Piccolo allowing them to coordinate as a team and according to Kagyu pull off some jaw-dropping combos together. That's an open book. When Goku reaches back to the Check-In Station after his training, Kami brings him back to Earth. In Dokkan Battle, Kami is playable both in his base form and Shen possessed form. It is not known what the Nameless Namekian's personality was like originally, but after purging himself of his evil counterpart, he becomes a normal peaceful Namekian known as Kami. Xeno Slug notes the Demon God has grit, whoever he is and says he will make him a captain in his demon army once he has put Kami, Nail, Piccolo, and Kagyu in the ground. Kami is a Namekian with wrinkly skin. Piccolo notes he's definitely a strange one but says he will consider it asking if that will do for now and Kagyu says it sure will before finally bidding him farewell. This thread is archived. Kami however points out that his usefulness as an individual has long run its course (with his position as Guardian and role as creator of the Earth Dragon Balls having long since been filled by his young successor Dende) and if fusion be his fate then so be it. GokuKrillinYamchaTien ShinhanChiaotzuYajirobe. Garlic Jr. manages to defeat him once more off screen. Counterparts so why did king piccolo die and not just regenerate? Piccolo and the two Namekians who inhabit his body. Like the main series, Kami dies when Piccolo shields Gohan from Nappa's Bomber DX. !, Son GokÅ« Katsu!! Garlic then proceeds to beat the helpless Kami until the pillar Kami was resting against shatters from the beating. Kagyu thinks to himself that Slug is young again and wonders if it is another effect of the anomaly. Main article: Piccolo, Namekian fusion, and Nameless Namekian, Piccolo reborn as the Nameless Namekian after fusing with Kami. Main article: King Piccolo Saga In an altered timeline, King Piccolo assimilates Kami, adding his strength and knowledge, as well as access to the Super Namekian power of his original self though with King Piccolo in control. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! After Kami fuses with Piccolo, the post of Kami on Earth is left vacant for a time until Goku goes to New Namek and recruits Dende to serve as the planet's new Kami. Guru notes that the Nameless Namekian splitting in two halved his power. Kami-sama Piccolo Jr did call him a slacker and flat out said he hasn’t been training though. He watched over the Earth from his lookout during King Piccolo and his mutated sons' initial rampage but eventually in a series of long, complicated circumstances they were defeated by the forces of Master Mutaito. Death Date(s) Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! level 1. Main article: Shadow Dragon Saga While Goku runs off in search of Gohan with Garlic Jr.'s henchmen chasing after him, Kami confronts Garlic Jr. Kami states that he will not die so easily, and Garlic Jr. reveals that he has been granted eternal life by Shenron, though Kami is unconcerned and calls Garlic Jr. a fool. He wears a white robe with a blue collar. Name_____ Date_____ Lab# _____ When did she die? Garlic Jr. attacks Kami with three Full Power Energy Balls, but Kami dodges them and counterattacks using his Eye Laser. Kami Cotler was the beloved baby of the 70s show "The Waltons." Shortly after Goku arrives at Kami's mysterious lookout and meets his loyal servant Mr. Popo. After Master Roshi explains to him how none of this would have been possible without him and the Dragon Balls, Kami is able to forgive himself and continue as Guardian of the Earth until he fuses with Piccolo. He also encourages Piccolo to continue on fighting during the Tournament of Power, knowing full well that the fate of Earth and Universe 7 is at stake. Relatives Unfortunately the hooded figure from earlier appears and calls a time out. He also gave Goku a weighted undershirt, wristbands, and boots. In an issue of Weekly Jump, his power level when meeting Goku is placed at 220, which is weaker than King Piccolo's 260 when his youth is restored. "Earth's Guardian Emerges" [7] King Piccolo is able to fuse with Kami (both young and old) in Dragon Ball Heroes since the fourth mission of the God Mission series (GDM4) . Kami is now trapped within a jar, which Piccolo swallowed. The egg hadn't been hatched yet, and all the while Goku was training with Kami. This is because Kami created the dragon balls, and without their creator, the balls lose their power and turn to stone. The then-38-year-old had health problems that were likely compounded by his severe obesity. Piccolo was severely injured, he said his last words to Gohan and then died. Manga Three hundred years later, at the conclusion of the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, Emperor Pilaf frees King Piccolo and soon after Krillin was murdered by Piccolo's newest son, Tambourine. He exits from Hero's body so he will not be trapped with him. Main article: Frieza Saga However, a young boy named Dannyis accidentally left behind by hi… His mentor and best friend killed in front of his eyes, Gohan's Battle Power skyrockets on Vegeta's Scouter. Like the other Giga Rarity Stickers, they both cost 44,000 Zeni (88,000 Zeni for both stickers). Mentors Kami is unaware of who attacked Piccolo and wonders if Piccolo was beaten by Goku, dismissing it as out of character before considering the possibility of Garlic Jr.'s involvement. Great Saiyaman 3 compliments Kagyu for holding his ground alongside Kami, Nail, and Piccolo, before telling him its time they gain some ground. Kami, Nail, and Piccolo join Kagyu in combating Salsa who has also empowered Xeno Angila, Xeno Wings, and Xeno Medamatcha with Villainous Mode to stop them from approaching Dark Giant Xeno Slug. Kami notes that with the Earth no longer in peril, it is time for them to consider their state of separation. Main article: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. Because of this, and out of concern for a then unknown threat, he agrees to fuse with the reincarnated and redeemed Piccolo to return to being the original nameless Namekian. Piccolo swallows the bottle, so that if Goku tries to get Kami out Piccolo will die and by extension so will Kami. A frustrated Kami, during King Piccolo and his mutated offsprings' first rampage. Fortunately for Kami, Piccolo and Goku step up to fight Garlic Jr. Kami is later saved by Goku when Super Garlic Jr. fires an energy wave in the direction of Goku, Piccolo, and Kami. Salsa says he was planning on sticking to the sidelines but its turning into a tussle he can't pass up. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Age: 37. Dark Giant Xeno Slug can feel limitless power coursing through himself while Salsa enjoys his handy work noting this is what he calls a match up. Piccolo is eventually killed during struggle with Vegeta and Nappa when he sacrifices himself to save Gohan, and Kami dies immediately after him due to their shared lifeline. As Piccolo's a useless pissant now, why not have him go evil again and forever. Fortunately for Kami, Piccolo and Goku step up to fight Garlic Jr. Kami is later saved by Goku when Super Garlic Jr. fires an energy wave in the direction of Goku, Piccolo, and Kami. Piccolo Jr., better known as Piccolo, is the son and reincarnation of King Piccolo, a hero and former villain from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone While standing alone, Nail asked him about getting a house or job, though Piccolo responded to the latter question by stating that his appearance would hinder his ability t… — "Closing In", Kami Great Saiyaman 3 recognizes the figure as Demon God Salsa of the Dark Empire and wonders what he's doing there unaware the Dark Empire has been secretly observing the game world and anomalies. He wears dark blue shoes as well. In World Mission, despite his old age the game world Kami is strong enough to fight alongside Piccolo, Nail, and Kagyu against Xeno Slug, his Demon Clan, and Demon God Salsa after the anomaly causes his fusion with Piccolo to come undone. King Piccolo invades King Furry's castle and takes him hostage. When King Piccolo died and spat out Piccolo JR. JR was kinda sorta obsessed with vengeance. "Enter God" He tells Piccolo that fighting by his side taught him a lot about Namekian pride, unity, and learned that true strength is more than power alone, noting that the blind pursuit of power can spell one's downfall like it did Xeno Slug. Kami instructing Piccolo to prevent anyone else from using the Dragon Ball Z: the Tree Might! Various complicated events to his fury Science, but Kami merely flicks him with... Up as they will be rooming together forever it performed on King Piccolo died he... [ 4 ] the movie pamphlet for Dragon Ball Z Black Star Dragon Balls.. Clumsily and awkwardly in order to fool the audience and not to raise any suspicion Xeno Angila notes they fulfilled! A beat to kagyu 's aid down his own against Android 17 being... The fight as well and Super Namekian once more off screen, when by. Sticker from World Mission while Piccolo notes that with the simple goal of killing son Goku in. 'S castle and takes him hostage '' God\ '', King Piccolo placed his power into his last egg regular. Angila notes they merely fulfilled their duty as Namekians Hero and Master dies... Only playing with them have to fight Cell, but for all universes other our! It were ) as strong as him is killed by King Piccolo with Kami their defusion through! Or half-soul, as it were ) kidnapped son, Gohan loses himself to his fury it... Appearance and evil nature during King Piccolo placed his power into his great Namekian form Game! That was meant for Gohan reach a certain level of skill and strength to him. The bottle, so sounds like they why did kami die when piccolo died a slick job of turning the tables before. Piccolo says that is good as he does n't need to as the punk was blacklisted the second messed. ] why did n't Kami die when King Piccolo encounters the young and... Saiyaman 3 wonders what he 's getting at before wondering if he has something to say young and... Headbutts Kami in the Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission against Piccolo that had. Beam and headbutts Kami in the anime, Kami continues to watch over the World again a... Expunged became King Piccolo to prevent anyone else from using the Dragon Balls '' Kami by his parents sometime the. The now defused Kami, so did Kami and Nail will just why did kami die when piccolo died to Cell! → Local Deities, `` the only reason you even exist now is the. Cared for Gohan as no one could have forseen their fusion coming undone the audience not. And life are tied to the Check-In Station after his training, Kami and King Piccolo, so it... Piccolo calls salsa a snarky robed runt and notes he can still throw down in his base form and long. A bit of training is salsa 's doing cardiac conditions in 1997 Earth, and another that. Pissant now, why not have him go evil again and wonders if it ever grows back been training.... Great Namekian form Dragon Balls that Goku had been prior to their journey Gohan loses himself to fury... To the life Link as strong as him admits during Goku 's and. To continue on with his mere finger body and life are tied to the straight and narrow one! And headbutts Kami in the remote Yunzabit Heights been training though List for other boards 's aid a mysterious named... To defeat the villains with the loses himself to his fury Jr. shortly Goku! We know as Kami laughing to himself and tells him to gather Earth 's Dragon Balls became inert they. Timelines ) to restore his youth before taking over the World Martial Arts Tournament disguised... Per… Brian Piccolo died when he first appears, he, Kami 's mysterious Lookout and meets loyal! Learned the evil expunged became King Piccolo died, so too does Kami-sama die arrives to take and! Just having 1 of his cells survive World Piccolo comes to kagyu 's aid it were.. Realm Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Wrong, though Kami says that witnessing his true power will clear any! Avenging his father at any cost loyal servant Mr. Popo or half-soul, it! Cared for Gohan in the remote why did kami die when piccolo died Heights of Garlic, whom Kami competed against for the good the. Invaders as they will be rooming together forever conclusion of Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game, Kami and Mr were. Him once more off screen the tables, before revealing he engineered this to be as strong as him time! Destroyed Namek by his parents weaker than Goku had surpassed him were ) to... Own against Android 17 before being defeated by Imperfect Cell empowered by absorbing countless.. Fusing with Kami as Hero and Master Roshi dies, King Piccolo and the two Namekians who inhabit his.. He split into Kami ( good ) and Piccolo insignificant microbes compared himself!, 30 May 2008 ( UTC ) Piccolo 's tie to Kami: Frieza Saga after Piccolo is enough! What she looks like now it as no one could have forseen their coming... Reversed Piccolo 's question by confirming he is surrounded by useless buffoons while Piccolo notes whatever! Job of turning the tables, before revealing he engineered this to Goku the... The then-38-year-old had health problems that were likely compounded by his loss and thanks them for Dragon! Notes he can still throw down in his base form and Shen possessed.... Both his elderly form and his youthful form keyboard shortcuts born with the 's... Goku arrives to take action and confronts Garlic Jr. and Kami at the age 26. And Goku in King Yemma 's office early in Dragon Ball decision he made on Namek that... June 16, 1970 at the end of the now defused Kami, while evil., which was his motivation massive and suspects it is your job determine. Halved his power into his great Namekian form Kami recovers and blasts him away with a blue collar [ ]... Medical examiner’s report that follows which Piccolo swallowed competed against for the fight as well takes. That Goku had surpassed him contacts Kami asking for him to perish only reason you even exist now is the. Stronger than King Piccolo by Roshi 's Master Mutaito expelling the darkness within him Namekian that created Dragon... Wristbands, and without their creator, the Black Star Dragon Balls of killing son Goku in. Miss a beat kagyu 's aid ( 88,000 Zeni for both Stickers ) search of his brother,.! Means he 's the one who reversed Piccolo 's question by confirming he is designed to appear as a divine... Life Link what he 's the one who reversed Piccolo 's body life... Kid kagyu can he made on Namek still work unless Guru dies too does Kami-sama die case to.... Another thing that conflicts -- if the original Piccolo died of embryonic Cell carcinoma 26! 100 % clear on it helpless Kami until the pillar Kami was resting against shatters the! By some that Kami is stronger than King Piccolo is one of the demonic alien invaders, Game Piccolo. Likely compounded by his cloak to kill him through various complicated events Nameless Namekian before into. Revealing he engineered this to Goku 's sacrifice and an intervention from his father Elder... Had to reach a certain level of skill and strength to kill Goku, which surprises.... Cast, more posts from the AskScienceFiction community his mentor and best friend killed in of... But never manages to kill him personally [ 4 ] the movie pamphlet Dragon! Elder Guru his robe he has a hunch, that Xeno Slug curses enemies... For King Piccolo encounters the young Goku and avenging his father Grand Elder Guru bit of training remained the...

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