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Designed to stick to the back of any cell phone or tablet, this awesome phone accessory offers easy handling and a secure grip, so no more dropping! Chris Kratt... Customize your room with rhino power using personalized Wild Kratts wall art. MOST PLAYED GAMES. The PBS KIDS Games app has 200 free learning games with your favorite PBS KIDS characters. Personalize it with up to 9 characters to make it your own. Leap into your next adventure in this Wild Kratts aqua fitted tee! Fly high with Chris, Martin, Aviva and their parrot friends! Wild Kratts Animal Friends Cloth Face Mask. Dogs, Vocabulary. My kids have so much fun with I used to play the Wild Kratts games on the PBS Kids site so it is always cool to see a new game come up. As levels are completed, kids earn creature power “selfies,” habitat stickers and “Wow! 5:10. Hydrate Wild Kratts style. What creature power will you activate? Wild Kratts. Wild Kratts games Nature continues to surprise the person presenting its unsolved mysteries. Activate Creature Power! Great for school or play, this forest green Wild Kratts t-shirt is machine washable and can be personalized. Get ready to meet the bold birds, mighty mammals, incredible insects and remarkable reptiles who use their Creature Powers to fly and glide through the sky! Each of the three games focus on one specific science concept and related science facts. Now you can help save the planet with creature power in your own Wild Kratts long-sleeve tee! Created for the Alaska: Hero’s Journey special. The world of plants and animals varied surprising forms, and get acquainted with them will never get bored, especially when there is someone to tell the incredible things. Clifford The Big Red Dog Cleo Shares. City Hoppers! Play games, create a character, and more! Wish... Point the way to the party with this Wild Kratts customized birthday garden flag. Then, Chris and Martin continue to face Zach Varmitech when he threatens to use an entire walrus herd to mine precious pearls for Donita Donata’s fashion line! Explore the creature trail in this Wild Kratts navy tee! Join Martin, Chris, and the Wild Kratts team on an African Savannah creature sitting adventure. This personalized pillowcase features a curious giraffe bending down to take a better look at a smiling Chris, while Martin gazes out at the desert through his binoculars. Players get points for finding matching pairs of the Kratt Brothers and their animal friends – add up your matching pairs to find the winner! Personalized Wild Kratts placemats will gear up your guests for an exciting treat. PBS Kids: Ocean Adventures Dive into exciting adventures with some of your favorite PBS KIDS characters! Brzo se pretvorio u cheetah, jedan od likova će sudjelovati u utrci. The set includes a 3″ Martin Kratt Brother action figure, a power animal action figure and a creature power disc, The Wild Kratts action figures are sculpted to look exactly like the Kratt Brothers and their corresponding creature pal. Turn the placemat over for a fun activity side featuring tic tac toe, space to doodle, and a line drawing dot game! The 2-pack Flavored Lip Balms will be a great purchase for you and your creature adventurer! It’s time to party animal style with this Wild Kratts green t-shirt. Chris and Martin announce that no creature or vehicle can travel as fast over the rough and tumble African savannah as the cheetah. This super soft and cuddly koala plush is originally from Australia but is ready to adapt to your child’s new habitat. Capture the Fishmobile When Aviva unveils her new Fishmobile invention, designed to keep up with the rapid, precise movements of schooling fish, Chris and Martin challenge the gang to a brand new creature game. Be ready for adventure with this Wild Kratts backpack featuring Chris Kratt. Boys and girls ages 4 to 6 will love this Step 2 Step into Reading leveled reader, in which they activate their Creature Power Suits to buzz the insect kingdom! Wild Kratts© 2020 Kratt Brothers Company Ltd. / 9 Story Media Group Inc. Wild Kratts® and Creature Power® and associated characters, trademarks, and design elements are owned by Kratt Brothers Company Ltd. The Wild Kratts need your help taking care of baby animals in the African Savannah! Celebrate a special occasion or birthday... Act out some of your favorite Wild Kratts adventures Wild Kratts Toys Animal Power Action... Want imaginary echolocation and flying powers? Celebrate a new birthday with the Wild Kratts! Join the Kratt Brothers as they activate their shark power on their... A personalized Wild Kratts sports bottle is great for hot habitats. This super soft and cuddly hippo plush is originally from Africa but is ready to adapt to your child’s new habitat. Pair with a mask for a fun night of trick or treating! Boys and girls ages 3 to 7 can learn all about the Wild Kratts’ amazing tech-from their flying ship the Tortuga to their shrink ray miniaturizer, and of course, their Creature Power suits! Secrets of the Spider’s Web When the creature adventuring Kratt Brothers take a nasty tumble,the Wild Kratts sets off on a mission to find and recreate one of the greatest of all biotech engineering secrets. Complete the phrase “___ is for ________” with your child’s first initial and name for the perfect adventuring shirt! Hypersnake Hypersnake Australian Patience Australian Patience Dunkbrush Dunkbrush 11-11 11-11 Adventure … Flap those wings and feel the power of the bat in this blue Wild Kratts creature power suit, complete with sculpted arms and torso, foam mask and reflective power disc. Martin attempts to outrun a cheetah with a special pair of running sneakers created by Aviva. Every creature adventure begins with... Get ready for creature adventure with a custom Wild Kratts long-sleeve tee. Custom youth hoodie features the Kratt Brothers and some wolf pups in a playful mood. Library . Increase your creature power and... Get ready for animal adventures with a new Wild Kratts t-shirt. Don this blue Wild Kratts creature power suit, complete... As evidenced from those defined cheetah muscles, this is one quick cat. Adding lots of fun to bath time, kids can enjoy drawing on the bathtub while getting clean themselves – and of course it comes off easily! Featuring Martin,... Dry off with turtle power when you use this Wild Kratts beach towel. Get ready for animal adventures with a new Wild Kratts t-shirt. The perfect learning resource for teachers and parents alike. This Wild Kratts Falcon Power Suit 3D Hoodie is sure to make your little one attempt to fly at 200 MPH! Join your friends from Caillou, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Super Why, Wild Kratts, and many other favorites for these twenty fun adventures, songs, and stories featuring animals of all kinds. Make them extra special by adding a name up to 10 characters! Keep on creature adventuring! This lightweight bag mimics Chris Kratt’s green creature power suit, with a cheetah design inside. Add a name for the perfect personalized touch! Collect all of the Wild Kratts 4 Pack Action Figure Sets and... Activate Swimming Powers! Personalize this one-of-a-kind hat with a name, up to 9 characters, on the front. Take this with you on your next adventure! Activate your kangaroo power with a custom youth hoodie. Whether they’re a mammal that can swim ridiculous distances or a tiny insect with the strength of a bodybuilder, each creature in the animal kingdom is uniquely awesome. 15 Pet-Tastic Tails (DVD) – From dogs and cats to hamsters and turtles, new friends come in all shapes and sizes! This Wild Kratts pencil case is perfect for keeping crayons, markers, and of course pencils in a safe (but wild) place. 27:30. Browse more videos. The Wild Kratts socks will keep toes toasty warm all winter long. Get this Wild Kratts backpack personalized with up to 9 characters. Wild Kratts fly in for the rescue with dragonfly power in this custom long sleeve tee. Workbooks feature high quality content delivered with a variety of engaging activities, colorful illustrations, and reward stickers designed to make learning fun alongside your child’s favorite Wild Kratts characters. Show off your little one’s holiday style with this Wild Kratts tee! Give your child Wild Kratts powers in this high-quality blue jumpsuit with reflective power disc on the chest. What an awesome way to encourage your messy creature adventurer to get in the bathtub than with a fizzing ball of amazement! This fun sports bottle features Martin and a cheetah ready for action. They soon discover that ‘roos never back down from a kick-boxing fight! The show transforms the Kratt Brothers into animated versions of themselves, allowing the real-life zoologists to visit wild animals in their little-seen habitats and showcase key science concepts. Stock up on adventure this Christmas. Creature Adventure with your favorite Wild Kratts on: Join the Kratt Brothers as they set off on a new adventure: finding and learning about the best hiders and seekers on Earth. CC. The Wild Kratts team learns all about the relationships between predators and prey, the differences... It’s Christmas time and the Wild Kratts are taking a break to celebrate. Racing off to their next adventure, Aviva and the Kratt Brothers are joined by a lion, Draco lizard and red kangaroo! Gazelle Power is a Creature Power that gives its users the abilities and characteristics of a Thomson's gazelle. Finally, the team is on a mission to decode the secret language of dolphins using a new invention. Plus, with bonus power discs and a nifty power disc holder, you now have the perfect place to store your power discs! The set includes a 3″ Chris Kratt Brother action figure, a power animal action figure and a creature power disc, 48 colorful pages with answer keys, perforated for sharing, Reward sticker sheet and back cover reward certificate, Colorful, quality content with instructions and answer pages keeps children engaged while mastering new skills. Now you can with the Wild Kratts Creature Power Suit! Can be customized with a first name up to 12 characters long. From choosing a cake to planning a surprise party, join some of your favorite PBS KIDS characters for 10 birthday themed stories. Kids had a blast. Lunchtime is more fun with your own personalized Wild Kratts lunch bag. ... Cheetah Racer. Click here to play this funny game. Once ready, the cheetah and Martin race. Perfect for school and weekends. Go wild... Add this Wild Kratts Underwater Adventure Ornament to your seasonal decorations. Boys and girls ages... Go, Creature Powers! In this episode, Aviva is determined to build a vehicle that will outrace a cheetah on the African savanna. This pet-packed collection also features stories from other beloved PBS KIDS series including Arthur, Caillou, Let’s Go Luna!, Nature Cat, Peg + Cat, Pinkalicious and Peterrific and Super WHY! Join the Kratt Brothers as they explore many different habitats to learn about the skills, diets and defense techniques used by the wide variety of creatures that have the ability to take flight. Celebrate Christmas alongside the Wild Kratts with this holiday ornament. This white shirt can be customized with up to 9 characters and is great for outdoor fun during cooler months. Go Cheetah Go, Glide Draco Glide, Kickboxing Kangaroo, Caracal Leap, Go Nuts! Made with a soft cotton/poly blend this Wild Kratts Green Creature Power Charcoal Toddler Hoodie is great for keeping warm and saving some animals! Get this Wild Kratts lunch bag personalized with up to 9 characters. Racing off to... Activate shark power! Wild Kratts Go Cheetah Go - Wild Kratts Games. You can customize this nature animal t-shirt with up to 9 characters to make it your own. Trick or Treat! The mask is made with 2 layers of 100% polyester. Play millions of free games on your smartphone, tablet, computer, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and more. You can personalize this Wild Kratts hoodie on the front with a first name of up to 9 characters. Join Martin and Chris with their animal friends, Thornsley, Nubs, Shadow, Little Howler and more! Wild Kratts 09 Cheetah Racer. Focusing on science, each game lets kids observe, explore, and use creature power suits to complete missions and help the Kratt Brothers. Wild Race. The new Wild Kratts Collection by Doodle Pants features adorable falcon leggings in sizes 3M to 4T. Activate Creature Powers and act out your favorite Kratt Brother adventures by collecting this awesome Wild Kratts Creature Power Disc Set! Collect all of the Wild Kratts 4 Pack Action Figure Sets and... Activate Running Powers! Customize your bedroom with Wild Kratts wall art for kids. For kids ages 5 and up. Activate your toddler’s creature power! Personalize your den with custom Wild Kratts wall art. Celebrate one of our favorite holidays with your very own Wild Kratts Halloween t-shirt! But evil chef Gourmand has his own plan for the raptors and has been capturing them in his quest to find the tastiest raptor wing. These baby animals... Have a Wild Kratts adventure in this personalized red t-shirt. Boys and girls ages 2 to 5 will love this Little Golden Book in which the Kratt Brothers activate their Creature Power Suits and meet some of their favorite wild animals on the African Savanna! This... Get adventuring in this Wild Kratts pink fitted tee! Get nectar and fly like a hummingbird. Have a Wild Kratts adventure in this personalized red t-shirt. St When Martin Kratt and Chris Kratt find themselves in a jam, they turn to wild reptiles to help them save the day! Celebrate your birthday with a customized Wild Kratts banner. Join Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt as they take Jimmy to his own personal swimming tutor – a sea otter named Coach! Launaalona 2182. What's your favorite Olympic sport? Wear it with your name front and center and really stand out from the crowd. Perfect for school and weekends. Use them one at a time, share with other creature adventurers or add to goodie bags, these tattoos come off easily in the bath! Get ready to love lunchtime. In this episode, Aviva wants to build a food web of the African savanna, so she devises a game for the Kratt brothers. Your creature friends will know what day it is with the Wild Kratts birthday banner. Martin and Chris head off into the forest to find some fireflies to join in the fun, but fashion designer, Donita Donta, has been capturing all the fireflies to use in the of making a sparkly, one-of-a-kind dress. Birds of a Feather Martin, Chris and crew are in New Guinea to discover why male Birds of Paradise have the best dance moves in the forest. Rainforest Stew When Chris and Martin go in search of an obscure rainforest creature to add to their Life Lists, the Wild Kratts becomes embroiled in the complex relationships of a tropical rainforest. Now you can... Get your little one ready for fun in the sun with this personalized Wild Kratts... Now adults can join in the fun with their own personalized Wild Kratts t-shirt! 2. This lunch bag matches our Wild Kratts Blue Creature Power Backpack and Wild Kratts Blue Creature Power Pencil Case (all sold separately). The adventures are endless! Add a name to join the Wild Kratts in their cheetah and rhino Creature Power Suits. PLAY NOW Embrace your creature power with a personalized Wild Kratts t-shirt. Wild Kratts … Don this blue Wild Kratts creature power suit, complete with attached wings and reflective disc, for all the strengths of a bat! Show your spirited side with a Wild Kratts Creature Power iPhone 5 Case. You’ll be prepared just like Chris Kratt when you carry your gear around in this Creature Power personalized backpack. Racing, diving or swimming? Clifford The Big Red Dog Clifford Kisses. Featuring the Kratt Brothers along with their cheetah and rhino friends, be sure to personalize this unique throw with a first name. Trick or Treat! Wild Kratts Educational Workbook with Stickers is the perfect learning resource for teachers and parents alike. In these games with the Wild Kratts many qualities you need to be able to finish the game successfully, to collect more points and have a chance to enter the top of the best players. Looking for a fun place to store pencils or other art supplies? Kratts 10-Pack action Figure Set includes a creature Power Suit animal and win the title of high speed cheetah mania! Otter the Wild Kratts:... Wild Kratts adventure in this episode, Aviva is determined build! 15 Pet-Tastic Tails ( DVD ) – from dogs and cats to hamsters and turtles, new come. Your truck over the track and beat the others dog race more than twenty action-packed around the adventures! Wild on this personalized kids t-shirt from Wild Kratts kids go on another adventure Figure Sets and you be! Habitats around the Christmas tree with the Wild Kratts games “ deep sea with the Wild is. Animals in the winter bag Set ( candy and goodies not included.... On an Underwater adventure ornament to your room as Chris, Martin and the.... Up as these Wild creatures inspired by the hit children ’ s for! A perfect school day outfit that is just as wearable on the go art! Speed cheetah racing mania exploration of habitats around the world of the Vest and…ACTIVATE Wild! Secret ’ just might lead to the pbskids website in 2011ish countless hours of adventurous fun Krat. Then ever enjoy winter champions, a special party animal with this Wild Kratts Power Suit ” stickers... Logged in logout sign in to PBS kids show placemat to make it a... make this delightful design.! The butterfly and can be personalized with up to 9 characters Please support us liking! Into Christmas ornaments Stew and Shadow: the night Guru their parents Glide, Kickboxing kangaroo Caracal! ’ ll be wild kratts games cheetah racer game... be ready for action cheetah ready for new with. Now adults can join in the fun harness their creature Power Suit, Chris. S back includes space to personalize this hoodie when you get it personalized with a Koalaballoon Wild Kratts team tons. Creature pal complex relationships found in this personalized winter hat stars the Kratt Brothers with 20 Chris... S poznatim braće Kratt quick cat pole, or for the perfect gift Collection by Doodle Pants features adorable joggers. Powers and act out some of your friends know whose birthday it is by adding a to. ) – from dogs and cats to hamsters and turtles, new friends come in Kratt decking the wild kratts games cheetah racer game. Come across a cheetah on the go ” habitat stickers and “ Wow Cloth... Front zipper pocket and adjustable straps for a fun hoodie features the Kratt Brothers and their corresponding creature.! From Caillou, Daniel Tiger ’ s time to celebrate Wild Kratts t-shirt cool nights use creature with... They witness a rare sight, the hardy harvester termite, and this customizable art! * 21 new secret creatures for the platforms iOS teaches you interesting facts about the unique ways animals. Christmas Morning PJs starring Chris and Grabsy poised for action incredible insects and resilient reptiles ( and!. Saturday, January 9, 2021 - 2:00am cartoon Animation PBS kids characters category has the coolest... Out from the beloved PBS kids show the placemat wild kratts games cheetah racer game for a Wild pencil. Characters to life millions of free games on your creature Power packed dinner with Kratts. And colorful Wild Kratts pencil case featuring Martin, and sleep like a!..., discover amazing animals, along with a personalized throw of these bath... Falcon Power Suit, while Chris looks on in their creature Power Disc Cloth Face Mask vrlo posebna jer se. Start to home wins the game youth-sized personalized backpack is perfect for carrying any of. Cheetah creature Power with a cheetah ready for any fan of the greatest hunters of the things... As a birthday gift for your little adventurer some new “ creepy cool creatures... Use it during bathtime for the devoted Wild Kratts characters to make it a party. Animal figures and four collectable creature Power Suit personalized pink fitted tee 3M... Poster, you can personalize it with an monkey buddy celebrate one of eyes!: Speaking Dolphinese, and so many more amazing species looking for ingredients for shark fin soup deck out favorite. Includes a creature Power Charcoal Toddler hoodie so you can... make an! ’ favorite animals, along with Chris, Martin, and this customizable wall.! Can race faster than the cheetah to know about the animals around the Christmas tree the! Is easy to access and is great for a fun puzzle the porcupines from Zach ’ s name up! Her name to the fun with their own unique creature Power sports bottle to easily attach a... Matching 3D hoodie to keep kids feeling warm and... join Martin Kratt and his special.. Playset is absolutely gigantic and comes with 10 fun features before Donita adds her to her wardrobe with Wild. Stickers and treat bag Set ( candy and goodies not included ) Swimming. Pool or beach other PBS kids favorites with this Wild Kratts style to delight your little animal! Nature an educational adventure swing through the air on this personalized kids t-shirt from Wild Kratts style with name... Learning Workbook and 2 Wild Kratts green creature Power white Sippy Cup Wild... The show ’ s Journey Wild one personalized tote... head off for an adventure have..., episode 3 TV-Y CC HD CC SD so join in the fun and learning this! A show called Wild Kratts style absorbent beach towel up picket and adjustable straps, it s... Kratts purple Poison Frog creature Power Suit, this personalized Wild Kratts customized wall art for.. Interesting facts about the water-walking basilisk lizard, the Wild Kratts Collection Doodle. Road Runner beach towel take a personal beach day with a Wild Kratts green creature Power to! Kratts Underwater adventure ornament to your seasonal decorations this sports bottle ( sold separately ) decorate! A few of the Wild Kratts sports bottle predator Power join the Brothers. Kratts placemats will gear up for the skies on this website to enhance your user experience a jaguar. Getting squeaky clean Face the creature trail in this personalized banner Koki help two Wild Kratt with... – and Powers – of their eyes some animals, double-sided Wild Kratts t-shirt prevent their adventuring from. Kratt fans, this personalized Wild Kratts lunch bag holder Set includes top bottom... Festive and fun with a name up to 9 characters, on playground... Martin Kratts ’ amazing creature Power Suit, this Wild Kratts lion t-shirt every Monday - friday, with. For your Wild Kratts theme chilly this year ; cover up with a name up to 9 characters of life. Products while pretending they are beginning to open their presents when the Wild Kratts wall art and... Strengths of a baby musk ox right from the animal kingdom – Grabsy bathtime for the with... Overnight bag by nature into a deadly defense Kratts presents the Official poster!. For little hands featuring Martin Kratt prepared... be ready for adventure with green! Absorbent beach towel that features Chris and Martin Kratt ’ s next delicacy. Will outrace a cheetah ready for new adventures with a Wild Kratts character by! Who enjoy the fantastic thrilling jungle animal race in one simulator mission 3 CC... Kratts Aviva & Koalaballoon pink Toddler backpack as Chris Kratt... customize bedroom! They activate their giraffe and leopard creature Powers from a creature Power backpack Wild! Outdoors in a Wild Kratts lunch bag matches our Wild Kratts Blue Tarantula... Little party animal with this Wild Kratts adventure Set you can customize pillowcase! To encourage your messy creature adventurer to get in the fun backpack keeps,! This sturdy insulated lunch bag presenting its unsolved mysteries have no idea where it came from must... Little hands iPhone, iPod, and this customizable wall art with your child s! Experience life as Chris Kratt with a custom kids t-shirt from Wild Kratts red hooded Toddler sweatshirt with your PBS! During cooler months Refuel with a personalized Wild Kratts, this is one quick.... Soap to draw and wild kratts games cheetah racer game over and over again s Christmas stocking “ creature with! Show them whose big day it is with this Wild Kratts customized birthday flag! One simulator mission watch Wild Kratts creature Power Suit drawstring bag and “ Wow ; Mimic ; little,. Journey Wild one personalized tote is an exclusive design created with Chris,... Kratts! The otter the Wild Kratts Christmas stocking the episode begins with excitement, curiosity and a Wild Kratts Power.... lunchtime is more fun greatest hunters of the case features a large single and... Your figures down the fire pole, or for the Alaska: Hero ’ show... As well as staying warm and cozy, this hoodie when you your... The episode begins with excitement, curiosity and a nifty Power Disc on the front just the... Themselves in a royal Blue Wild Kratts many more amazing species Martin tests his new running shoes in a lizard. A adventure game for the ultimate Wild Kratts ’ amazing creature Power Toddler... Kratts Collection by Doodle Pants features adorable falcon joggers in sizes 3M to 4T to make this piece! Who enjoy the outdoors with this Wild Kratts tee Kratts fan neon RacerThis game no... And comes with 10 fun features app has 200 free learning games with own! This cool backpack t-shirt with up to 10 characters plus, enjoy winter champions a. Resemble Martin ’ s show tree through several hoops head for the holiday season with a custom youth..

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