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The accountant in question was a 93 year old German, who was arrested and tried as an accessory to the murder of the Jews at Auschwitz, even though his was an administrative position. You have entered an incorrect email address! Planet Earth II is one of the most spectacular documentaries ever created about Earth’s nature and wildlife. The Accountant of Auschwitz is a gripping look at the race against time to prosecute the last living Nazi war criminals before it’s too late. 1 VIDEO | 30 IMAGES. This documentary has everything from suspense, drama, visuals, and revenge. The documentary is frightening to watch given the risk the filmmakers had to take to shoot such real-life encounters. You have movies on many popular genres like Action, Comedy, Bollywood, etc. Oskar Gröning (10 June 1921 – 9 March 2018) was a German SS Unterscharführer who was stationed at the Auschwitz concentration camp.His responsibilities included counting and sorting the money taken from prisoners, and he was in charge of the personal property of arriving prisoners. According... 40 Best Documentaries on Netflix You Should Watch Right Now, 40 Best Bollywood Hindi Movies on Netflix, How to Share Your Screen on Discord Mobile, How to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10, Indian Cloud Storage Service DigiBoxx Launched at an Affordable Rs. Evil Genius is one of best documentaries on Netflix available right now. James Balog has done a prolific work to bring attention towards preserving our nature and Earth. If you want to watch one documentary on the financial world, let it be Inside Job. The Accountant of Auschwitz. The 10 part documentary series lets you peek into what goes behind the scenes and the cut-throat competition this sport has. On Aug. 17, 2017, Spain suffers two terrorist attacks perpetrated by young people integrated into Spanish society. Cathy Cesnik was a nun and a Catholic teacher at the City High School in Baltimore. The Cove is a suspenseful documentary about the covert killings of dolphins in Japan. The documentary follows his life, physical threats he receives and the degree of violence against his jokes. If you are a food and travel connoisseur, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is the best documentary series you can watch on Netflix. Check Out What Happened Miss Simone on Netflix. Historical Documentaries. The Accountant of Auschwitz 2018 13+ 1h 18m Biographical Documentaries Decades after WWII, a former SS officer stands trial in his native Germany after being charged for his complicity in the murder of Jews at Auschwitz. Two of his fans went out to find the truth and the story became absolutely enthralling. But as the story unfolds, it will completely blow your mind. It’s the 50th anniversary since men walked on the moon for the first time so here is the best documentary on Apollo Mission Control. In the neo-futuristic city of Lusaka, Zambia, four scrappy teen girls join a retired secret agent on a quest to save the world! Directed by Nicole Newnham and James LeBrecht, Crip Camp has proved to be a huge hit thanks largely to the story that never fails to impress. Icarus is an absolute must-watch if you are a sports enthusiast. Fyre is a hilarious documentary about the fraudulent music festival which was supposed to happen on an island of Bahamas. Our Planet is an eight-part nature docuseries produced by Netflix. Tickling Giants is a documentary about Bassem Youssef, a heart surgeon from Arab who quits his profession to become a full-time comedian. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is a documentary series about the world’s most unique and interesting abodes. Let me tell you first, if you have never seen Formula 1 before or don’t have interest in this game, I would strongly recommend you to watch Formula 1: Drive to Survive. With rare footage and uncovered documents, this documentary series creates a gripping storyline. If you are a food lover, Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a must-watch. Fire in the Blood is a powerful documentary about how western pharmaceutical companies blocked access to cheap antiretroviral drugs to African countries. Senna hailed from Brazil and went on to win three Formula 1 championship. You should watch this documentary to understand the degree of Syrian violence and how a few volunteers went on to save lives. The streaming platform has also revealed that India has... Netflix will be free for everyone in India for 48 hours this weekend. Fire in the Blood is an absolute must-watch and you can’t afford to miss it. His unit surrendered to the British after Germany capitulated in May 1945. Inside Job is one of the most detailed documentaries on the great recession of 2008. Watch all you want. Seventy years after World War II, he stood trial for the murder of 300,000 people at the Auschwitz concentration camp. But just after the shoot, Cardona steals the footage and disappears from Singapore. Celebrated journalist Gay Talese exposes a motel owner who spied on his guests for several years. Rodriguez didn’t see much of a success in the US, but his songs were hit in South Africa. So far, there are 20 episodes which include Astrology, The Female Orgasm, Tatto, etc. This documentary, however, finds the reasons behind the economic slowdown and the findings are a startling revelation. If you have time to kill, watch this modern-day documentary to understand how this fraud was actually devised and executed. The sensational arrest of Dowd in 1992 brings to light one of the most shocking police corruption scandals in New York City history. You should not miss this gripping documentary because it’s one of best documentaries on Netflix. You should watch this documentary for some great filmmaking, stunning visuals and for developing different perspectives. The director of the documentary, Mark Duplass goes ahead and unearths enough evidence which points to some bizarre clues. And I bet you would like to unravel every bit of it. 30/Month, How to Play Local Media Files on Android TV (Guide), 10 Most Dangerous Android Apps You Should Not Install on Your Phone, Netflix India Reveals Most Popular Movies and TV Shows of 2020. It’s a terrific documentary series which will completely change your outlook towards this sport. If you loved watching Formula 1, I would highly recommend Seena for its epic story and high paced drama. If you are fond of concert movies, chances are you are going to love Woodstock. It’s a brilliant tale of investigative film-making about the murder of Brian Wells in the year 2003. Among the best documentaries on Netflix, The Cove ranks really high and you should not miss it at any cost. So without any delay, let’s get started. After a decade, BBC produced Planet Earth II in 4K for the first time. Do watch this documentary to understand how climate change is real and the consequences of our silence. Set in 1971 at Camp Jened – a summer camp in New York designed for teens with disabilities. The White Helmets is a disturbing documentary about the rescue volunteers who were operating daily and saving lives in the middle of violence between Syria and Turkey. The Accountant of Auschwitz , released last year, follows the trial of Oskar Gröning, a former German SS Officer, who worked at the concentration camp during the war. It has a total of 18 episodes which include homes from the US, Israel, UK, Europe, and Asia. This British documentary went on to win many awards and is considered one of the best documentaries to understand architecture. Note: All of the mentioned documentaries are available in the US. History is the greatest storyteller, and these documentary shows and films tackle true tales of culture, war and so much more, from ancient times to modern. The documentary is a true depiction of the events and you would be terrified of seeing the human cost for seeking civil rights. The drugs are used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS and US pharma companies were selling them at an unbelievably higher cost. Chef Anthony Bourdain who was known for his humane way of cooking, travels to lesser-known parts of the world and discovers local cuisine and food habits. ... Best Netflix Series and Shows. On the 50th anniversary of the great music festival, the documentary film dives a little deep into history as organizers and attendees reminisce about one of the most memorable moments of the 1960s. The tension is palpable in the documentary and you would be on the edge of the seat seeing the defiant cross-firing and airstrikes from both the sides. Among all the best documentaries on Netflix, personally, Wild Wild Country is my favourite. In fact, the series goes way deeper and finds some uncomfortable truths. Evil Genius is a four-part documentary series and you should watch it if you love investigative documentaries. If you love building homes or want to understand the various aspects of design and architecture, you should watch this remarkable documentary. Searching for Sugar Man is a fascinating documentary about a US musician, Rodrguez in the late 70s. However, what I particularly love about Netflix is its determined effort to create path-breaking documentaries on topical issues from all around the world. The Vietnam War is a ten-part documentary series on US’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Simply put, it’s one of best documentaries on Netflix and you should not miss it. Richard O’Berry, a renowned American animal trainer goes to the coastal areas of Japan to shoot the covert slaughter of dolphins. If you are one of them, do not miss out on this long-anticipated documentary. The overall theme is very similar to Planet Earth, but this docuseries dwells deep into how humans are causing climate change and that is affecting our planet. In this hilarious yet unnerving documentary, he shows his true potential acumen and lobbies for Donald Trump as the presidential candidate. While in the first one, it shows Foos and Talese’s decades-long relationship, the second one takes a deep dive into Talese’s flawed character. Check Out The Seven Five on Netflix 37. The documentary revolves around Michael Dowd – a former police officer of 10 years. Winter on Fire is a brilliant Netflix documentary which captures the student movement in Ukraine demanding freedom and civil rights. I am pretty sure you are going to love each of the documentaries mentioned below. If you have got time to kill, The Mind of a Chef is a great and joyful watch. Note: The Rotten Tomatoes ratings are shown in the Expert / Audience format. If you truly want to believe this story, you will have to watch Wild Wild Country. In 2015, 94-year-old former German SS officer Oskar Gröning, nicknamed "The Accountant of Auschwitz", went on trial in his home country, charged with complicity in the murder of 300, 000 Jews at Auschwitz in 1944. Oskar Gröning goes on trial in Germany as prosecutors race against time to bring aging Nazi guards to justice. Starring Gay Talese has got everything to keep you on the edge. So to sum up, if you love history, you should simply not miss this docuseries. The documentary also talks about his son, if he can live up to the legacy of his father. The documentary is a story about a filmmaker’s lost world, coming to terms with the past and missed opportunities. The documentary is a fascinating watch and you should watch it to feel the atmosphere inside the Mission Control room. Signature Entertainment has provided us with a new-look trailer at their upcoming home release, the documentary The Accountant Of Auschwitz, which debuts on DVD and digital in April.

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