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Ilma The consort of Ukko. Meaning of AKKA. Inanna. Also known as Maa-Emoinen, Maan-Emo, Rauni, Ravdna, Roonikka. Description: Goddess of earth and birth; Controller of fertility; Mother of the triple Goddesses of human reproduction and fate. Akka is traditionally a female spirit in Sámi and Finnish mythology. Queen of Heaven & Earth. High quality Akka gifts and merchandise. She is considered the epitome of beauty and femininity. Linguistic Note:: Finno-Ugric. Spirit name. My message to you is to love. Finland. Ran (Norse) Ran is goddess of the sea and storms, and wife to the sea god Aegir. Ilmarinen Finnish God who directs the stars and controls the weather. Lady of the Flowers. M1D6-1K1. However this was later revealed to Thor when Gaea pleads with Arishem the Judge to spare his life and heals his wounds from the preceding battle. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Gaea as Jord (Jörð) mated with Odin, who wanted a son who would be strong on Earth (not just in Asgard) and gave birth to Thor.. Odin kept the true identity of his mother hidden from Thor. (Finland) God of barley. Code for older versions may not work with these versions. He taught mankind ot use metal and is … Akka is a female Goddess that is a powerful fertility Goddess presiding over the fertility of women. Freya. Aliases: Taivasian or Finnish gods An evil Forest spirit . Akka Finnish earth mother and goddess of the harvest and female sexuality. According to the legend, an egg fell from the abyss and cracked open on Ilmatar’s knee. Mader seems to mean, 'Mother'. Goddess of Healing. Akka (“old lady”), female spirit, feminine counterpart of “Ukko”. Äkräs, the god of fertility and the protector of plants, especially the turnip. Geography/Culture: Finnish. Äkräs, the god of fertility and the protector of plants, especially the turnip. Goddess of Marriage. Maderakka, the first Akka, to whom all women and children belong, even boys, until they become men. Description: Earth Mother, Goddess of the harvest and feminine sexuality. Akka Finnish and Estonian co-Creator with Jumala (she builds mortal bodies), Goddess of the Harvest and female sexuality. Her sensitivity to the needs of humans. She symbolizes love, agriculture, womanliness. Her sexuality. Goddess of Beauty. Akka is the Earth goddess of Finnish mythology. Information and translations of AKKA in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … The code shown in boxes below is … He shaped out the features of Finland using the remains of the Cosmic Egg, before deferring his responsibilities to his son, Ukko. AKKA is a four letter acronym that refers to: * AKKA, Association of Kannada Kootas of America, a non profit organization Akka may refer to: * Akka (Spirit), a Finnish goddess * Akka Iguirene, Morocco * Áhkká, a mountain in northern Sweden Áhkká, a mountain in northern Sweden Versions: Scala 2.11+, Akka 2.3.1+. See Akka in the glossary for the second part of Her name. The mountain is also sometimes called ‘The Queen of Laponia’. Eir. Male Associate: consort, Ukko She is strong in her female powers. Akka is also the name of a goddess in the Sámi (the native Swedish population) mythology. She is also the Goddess to call upon for earth magic and channeling. Wife of Ukko. It is the name of a beautiful Swedish mountainup in the northern part of Sweden called Laponia. Love deeply, love boldly, and love eternally. Frigga. Poshjo-akka (Scandinavia) Goddess of the hunt. It was also an honorary … On Venus they are named after goddesses, miscellaneous. Hiisi Description: Group of evil spirit that worked with Lempo and Paha. She is the goddess that stands for all the beauty and g… Ragnarok (Norse) Ragnarok is the ultimate battle between good and evil from which a new order will come (The end of our world). Aphrodite Greek Goddess of passion and sexual love, and womanly beauty. Wife and consort of the supreme sky God Ukko. She was also worshipped by the ancient Estonians (who knew her as Maan-Emo) and Sami people. For a long time, the Moon was represented as a sort of a deity in many cultures around the world, including Finland. Akka in modern Finnish means an old woman but in pre-written times Akka was old Finnish expression for a grandmother. In Sámi mythology, the first akka was Maderakka and her daughters were Sarakka, Uksakka and Juksakka. She is a consort to Ukko. ... Akka, Finnish Mistress of Earth Magic Arwen, Tolkienian Queen of Eternal Love. Akka Finnish Earth Goddess. Some Sámi thought they lived under their kota tents. Goddess of Rebirth. A tholus is a small domical mountain or hill. She is the empowering female deity providing feminine fertility, strength and sexuality. The first Jumala was Ilmarinen, who freed ancient Finland from a Cosmic Egg by shattering it with a hammer. Akka, is the wife of Ukko, the powerful sky deity that ruled over the ancient Finns. Akka Other Names: Maa-Emoinen, Mader-Akka, Rauni. Lada. "Ajatar (sometimes Ajattara)" Finland. Antero Vipunen, deceased giant, protector of deep knowledge and magic. She would be like the Earth Mother. Eostre. She was the daughter of Ilmatar, a virgin spirit of the air. Gaea is goddess of the Earth.She is Thor's biological mother. She is called upon regarding the harvest as well. Goddess of Motherhood. Most, not 100%, is open source. Rules Over: Harvest, fertility, earth magick. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Hiisi Finnish God of Tree and conifer forests. "Akka". Finnish mythology is a commonly applied description of the folklore of Finnish paganism, of which a modern revival is practiced by a small percentage of the Finnish people.It has many features shared with Estonian and other Finnic mythologies, but also shares some similarities with neighbouring Baltic, Slavic and, to a lesser extent, Norse mythologies. Akka Tholus Finnish mother goddess. Rules Over: Evil, skilled sorcerers, necromancers, spells, sacred drums, trance, chanting. Worship of akka was common, and took the form of sacrifices, pleas for help and various rituals. Definition of AKKA in the Definitions.net dictionary. Known Members: Ahti (god of the sea), Akka (Gaea), Äkräs (god of fertility), Ilmarinen (god of metal & invention), Nyyrikki (god of the hunt), Surma, Tapio (god of the forest), Tuoni (god of the underworld), Ukko (god of the sky), Vammatar (goddess of pain & suffering) Affiliations: Other races of Gods. Akka: The goddess of the earth and wife to Ukko Ilmatar: The goddess of the air who came down to the primal waters, and helped create the earth Kalma: The goddess of death What does AKKA mean? Finland. With the costs of higher education at an all-time high, the American Dream of a college education can seem like just that — a dream. Mader-Akka, {Mother-Woman}. Ukko married the Earth goddess Akka, an aspect of the Elder God Gaea…

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